Amp, Motor, & Sensors

Motor Plate Bearing

This is the bearing for the TigerStop motor mount.

Motor Kit

TigerStop Replacement Motor Kit. This kit includes the following items:

Motor End Sensor

The Motor End Sensor (MES2) signals the limit of travel near the motor. It is compatible with TigerStops of any length.

Motor End Pulley

This pulley is compatible with TigerStops using a 32mm (1.26″) width belt. It also ships with a roll pin.      

Motor Encoder Cable

The Motor Encoder Cable connects motors to the Amplifier (AMP6) in a TigerStop, TigerFence, or TigerCrossCut. This cable is not compatible with other motor types.  

Motor Box End Cap and Gasket

This is a replacement end cap for the Amplifier (AMP6).  

Motor Box Cover

This is a replacement aluminum cover for the Amplifier (AMP6).

I/O Panel

The I/O panel interfaces with peripheral devices including barcode scanners, printers, clamps, and Standard Interconnect Kits (SIK). The I/O Panel can be used with TigerStop, TigerFence (and SLR), TigerCrossCut, TigerTurbo, TigerRack, and HeavyDuty 2. The I/O panel is compatible with the Controller […]


This rotary Encoder works with TigerStop, TigerFence, and TigerCrossCut. The cable connecting the encoder to the amplifier is included. 


The amplifier (AMP6) is the circuit board driving the motor in most TigerStop positioners. AMP6 is compatible with TigerStop, TigerFence (and TigerFence StraightLineRip), TigerCrossCut, TigerTurbo, TigerRack,and HeavyDuty2.   Important things to note when ordering this part:  The AMP6 price includes a […]

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