Hardware & Cabling

Universal Bracket

Universal bracket for SawGear, TigerStop, TigerTurbor, and HeavyDuty 2.

TigerStop Power Cable 220 V

220V for power cable for all TigerStop products except SawGear.

TigerStop Power Cable

Power cable for all TigerStop, TigerFence, TigerCrossCut, and SawGear products.

TigerStop Hardware Pack

This hardware pack is used for mounting a TigerStop to a table. It contains T-bolts, T-nuts, hex head nuts, and washers (8 of each).   

These plastic set screws hold the TigerStop flip away above the beam. This item is a pack of ten set screws.  

T-Nut Metric

M8 T-nut.


5/16″-18 T-nut.

Saw Attachment Plate

The saw attachment plate provides more flexibility when mounting TigerStop feed tables to various tools. It is universal for left and right table components.   

Power Switch

This is a replacement power switch for the amplifier.  

Polymer Linear Glides

TigerStop’s polymer linear glides will keep you machine fast and accurate. Hardware for attachment and adjustment is included.

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