Why you need TigerFence

Having operators walking around your sliding table saw, setting and re-setting fences, takes up valuable time which could be used cutting. TigerFence brings speed, precision and productivity to your table saw by adding automation which can be controlled from one side of the fence. Most users see up to 30% more productivity out of their saw with TigerFence.


  • Jog Mode
  • Safe zone alert when fence is close to the blade
  • Calculator Mode
  • Preset Function
  • Metric, Decimal and Fractional Inches
  • Part List Interface (holds up to 2000 cuts/part list)


The sliding table saw is an essential and heavily used tool in any shop. Having to walk around the sliding table for every dimension change may seem like a small inconvenience, but over the lifetime of the saw, that walking time adds up to wasted time. TigerFence controls are mounted on the operators side of the table saw so you can change dimensions without having to walk a step. TigerFence will travel to any size you need and will be repeatable to +/-.003 inches (.07mm). This eliminates the need to make a test cut and reset the fence.


No More Setup Time
With TigerFence, you don’t have to fiddle with manual stops. Just enter your length and cut. TigerFence will take care of the accuracy so you can focus on making a quality product.

If you need more production, don’t buy a new saw. Turbocharge your existing table saw with TigerFence! TigerFence can easily attach to almost any table saw.

Easy to Install
TigerFence can be installed to most saws in just a few hours. You can install in the morning and be cutting dead-on parts by lunch.

Fast and Accurate…Every Time
TigerFence is designed with screw drives and precision linear bearings ensuring a rigid and dead accurate position, first time…every time. TigerFence has a repeatable accuracy rating of +/-.003 inches (.07mm). This means that tomorrow’s parts will be the same size as yesterday’s parts.

Two Sizes
TigerFence comes in a standard size with a working length of  51″ and an overall length of 62″. TigerFence Extra comes in a working length of 70″ and an overall length of 82″.

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