Your Suppliers' Secrets Revealed: 10 Ways To Reduce Hardwood Costs 

The cat is out of the bag! Your lumber supplier would be horrified if we shared his tricks of the trade, but here at TigerStop we are all about evening out the playing field. Everyone deserves to have a fighting chance. We actually make it our mission to empower local manufacturers to be globally competitive. One way to gain a competitive advantage is to increase profits by cutting superfluous costs. One of those costs is hardwood. If you have ever question whether you are actually getting what you’re paying for when buying hardwood and hardwood components, well, you aren’t alone. Do you really know what you are paying for when you order material that is ripped and planed? You just might be surprised by how much you are actually paying for these services. But how do you figure out what your real costs are? We are here to help!  Here are 10 things your hardwood supplier is already doing, that you should be doing, to cut costs by as much as 20-45%. The secret is out!

Source: TigerStop